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Innovation has been at the heart of Biron since 1952. In 2020, it was time to rethink the company’s broader role in society and give direction to its social engagement. Biron turned to Will & Way to redesign the brand’s DNA, explore and define the company’s purpose and shape its social mission.

Through a series of cross-division workshops and by digging into its history, we revealed key notions that allowed us to define a purpose that is true to the founder’s ambition and gives meaning to the work performed in its five divisions. We explored further, anchoring the purpose at the core of the brand, in order to define the social mission.

Our research led to key opportunities for Biron to take a stand for the advancement of predictive and preventive medicine. We designed and developed a social impact program named Phase B : a platform to move healthcare innovators forward. The organization aims to accelerate the accessibility to innovative solutions that will empower people to manage their health proactively and prevent potential health issues.

It is important to encourage and support innovation that truly benefits people and our society. Phase B allows us to demonstrate what we believe in and to contribute to the launch of solutions that will have a significant positive impact on health services.
Geneviève Biron, President, Biron

The first edition of Phase B received nearly 70 applications and mobilized hundreds of employees to vote for their favorite project amongst the finalists. Two high-impact projects were selected and now receive personalized mentorship and financial support to propel their ideas and business forward.

Biron is set on expanding Phase B over the next few years, helping more innovators launch solutions that will empower people to live healthier lives.