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In recent years, times of turmoil and division have led to a 25% increase in bullying worldwide. Bullying can hinder the development and growth of children, just as it prevents adults from reaching their full personal and professional potential.

Backed by an international community of riders, dealers and employees, BRP was on a mission to optimize its community investment and rally around a collective cause on a global scale. With the insight of BRP employees around the world, we designed the Ride Out Intimidation program, which aims to end bullying in the communities where BRP colleagues, dealers and riders work, live and play.

When we partnered with Will & Way, we were looking to untie the knot and start making a meaningful impact as soon as possible. Through their workshops, we were able to get the ball rolling on a unified vision and commit to end intimidation on a global scale. With the support of our partners, we are committed to engage all our network to Ride Out Intimidation.
Christine Babkine, Director,
Corporate Social Responsibility

BRP brought us onboard to help define a global corporate cause, one that fit their DNA and was relevant in all markets where they operate. A cause for which they had the credibility to take a stand on, and the ability to make a significant difference.

Over the years, BRP had struggled to align on a clear vision for community engagement. The complexity lay in the differing realities of its various markets, making it difficult for them to find a cause that truly resonates across all communities. Through strategic exploration and careful consideration of over 15 different avenues, we landed on an important issue that affects everyone, through every walk of life: intimidation. While the type of bullying differs from market to market, we seized the opportunity to tailor our approach by engaging global and local organizations to combat this social issue in a way that was meaningful to everyone.


While it may challenge convention, we know (from experience!) that including more people in the exploration and design process is critical to building the right solution. From our very first workshops to the global launch, we’ve relied on an inclusive approach that not only makes BRP employees feel heard, but also engages them in the momentum to help bring the program to life.

To launch the program with success, we needed to make sure we were mobilizing internal stakeholders. We started by developing a program name, visual identity and webpage – complete with an updated donation and sponsorship policy – that truly fit BRP’s DNA. We also produced the Ride Out Intimidation manifesto video – and translated it into five different languages. Once it was revealed, we set up clever ways to get the video out there and make sure employees, from corporate offices to manufacturing plants, were informed and engaged.


In order to immediately support and amplify solutions for victims of intimidation around the world, BRP wanted to partner with the best non-profit organizations. After careful research and consideration, we recommended for the launching of the program to team up with top international experts Ditch the Label, the Jasmin Roy Foundation and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation. Their global presence and missions are a perfect fit for Ride Out Intimidation.

We are delighted to be partnering with BRP on their global initiatives to combat intimidation and bullying. As a non-profit, we recognize the power in partnering with brand partners who are as equally as passionate about social impact as we are. With BRP’s support, we will be able to reach even more people and provide meaningful impact in new communities.
Liam Hackett, Founder & CEO of Ditch the Label

Will & Way continues to guide BRP through the next steps in order to help operationalize the program and bring it to life around the world. We have co-designed the program’s stakeholder engagement initiatives and developed a three-year portrait with clear and measurable impact goals. The Ride Out Intimidation program design provides great clarity on how to scale up its initiatives and progressively address intimidation on a global scale.

It is critical to build awareness about intimidation and educate people on ways to recognize, address and prevent intimidation, in schools, in our work environments, and in our community. BRP has the will and the ability to do so on a massive scale. By providing the means and support to its global partners and to its regional teams, and aligning all initiatives around one global social impact goal, BRP has the opportunity to make a significant difference and demonstrate true leadership.
Mat McKay, President, Will & Way

World Anti-Bullying Day is observed in schools across the world every year on May 4. This day was an opportunity for BRP to raise awareness and to leverage the global reach of its digital platform to provide direct access to the resources offered by its partners. In order to reach plant manufacturing employees, we designed a paper chatterbox as a simple tool for parents to spark important conversations with their kids at home.

Additionally, BRP launched an annual social media campaign in November 2022, aiming to mobilize employees, dealers and riders in the Ride Out Intimidation Movement to help raise awareness and amplify donations to community partners. The Yellow Day campaign will continue to expand its reach and impact with new tactics over the next few years.


Tackling global issues is all about attitude. BRP is a people-focused company that has seized the opportunity to position their brand in the impact economy and do good by promoting kindness – at a time when we need it most.

BRP is inspiring us to act collectively to build a world in which everyone feels free and safe. By rallying together to initiate new, healthy and positive behaviors, we can do just that.